Chicken Adobo

 Chicken Adobo is an authentic Filipino dish and is one of the mostly recognized Filipino foods. This Chicken Adobo Recipe is the simplest that you can get. Not to be mistaken with Mexican adobo, this dish is uniquely prepared by stewing chicken in vinegar and soy sauce. Chicken Adobo is my kind of favorite, this is one of the most famous dish here in Philippines it is because of its very saucy flavor and very delicious to eat.  Several sources who are experts in Asian food history say that the Filipinos were already cooking adobo even before Spanish colonization. The cooking method is termed as “inadobo” which is the very same method in this Chicken Adobo Recipe. It is also said that cooking with vinegar preserves the meat. This method is also considered as one of the earliest food preservation practice.

To you my love

Everyone knows that I am just a simple girl. I cry, I get mad, I get jealous and I am too moody to handle. It is very hard to find someone who’ll love you for who you are and what you are not, but then you came along. You lifted my spirits up. Thankyou for coming into my life, it has been so much happier since you came around. Thank you for accepting my flaws, for loving me in all ways and aspects, for protecting me, caring me, understanding me, and for not giving up on me. Thankyou for staying with me and for proving me that you’re not some typical type of a buy who leaves after a fight, for every second of your time, for every ounce of your patience, and every drop of your love. I don’t think that there are words enough to describe my love for you and I don’t think a whole notebook can fill up those pages. Thankyou for everything!